Friday, 21 June 2013

5 Reasons Why I Like Creating Blogs On Blogger

Creating a blog on has been one of my first experiences with blogging and creating websites. Even though years have past since, and I presently have blogs on other blogging platforms including paid domain and hosting, I continue to blog seriously with blogspot blogs, and I don't believe that this will ever stop as long as Google continue to provide this service. Here's my reasons why....

1 It's Very Simple To Setup And Manage Blogs

Blogger is very user-friendly and there is nothing about setting up and managing blogs from the control panel that is complicated at all. Once you have the idea and name ready for your new blog, you simply have to log into your blogger account, and you can have a blog created in as little as 2 minutes. Equally, posting content, customizing your blogs and doing other things to control the look and features of your blogs are straight-forward and easy.

2. It's Reliable 

I have never experience anyone of my blogs on blogger failing or having downtime no matter the quantity and type of content I had on them. I also have never experienced any major technical problems from the control panel that was a set back for me.

I have a blogspot blog I created years ago and I can't recall a day that it was ever down or unaccessable to visitors. Your blog may get banned or deleted if it violate the rules, but from my experience, blogger service is excellent when it comes to not having technical problems or downtime.

3. It's Easy To Optimize Your Blogs To Get Traffic From Google 

There is not a lot of difficulty in optimizing your blog on blogger for getting traffic from Google. Because blogger is actually part of Google, this may make blogspot blogs have a way up when it comes to getting Google traffic.

As a blog admin, your main duties to get your site to receive traffic is to basically choose the right keywords, posts good content, get a few quality backlinks and make sure that you don't violate Google's webmaster rules. Once you do that, you'll be getting lots of juicy traffic from Google for your blog on blogger.

4. It's Integrated With Google Plus

I read recently that Google Plus has grown to become the second biggest social networking website online, falling below Facebook only. Which means it has surpassed even Twitter. The fact that blogger is integrated with Google Plus is a great thing for people who have blogs on blogger.

I am able to easily share my blogs posts on Google Plus with just one click. Not only does this allow me to easily share my blogs content with connections on Google Plus, anyone who is searching for content from Google Plus that is related to my blog's posts can discover my sites in search results. As a result, I get followers to my account and traffic to my blogs from Google Plus very easily.

5. It's 100% Free To Use

Blogger is 100% free to use to set up blogs, and you are allowed to set up a number of blogs from one account. They also do not consistently bother you to upgrade to a paid domain like some other free blogging platforms, neither do they place ads in every area of the control panel to distract you. As a result, you can work on your blogs at anytime and have your blogs for as long as you want without feeling like you owe someone for using the service.

So there it is, my top 5 reasons why I like using to create blogs online to share information I am interested in and passionate about with the world. Having blogs set up on paid domain and hosting has a number of benefits true, but blogger provides the opportunity to have a great blogging experience without having to pay a fee.

This is especially good for people who want to start blogging and are not ready or able to pay for domain and hosting. But no matter who you are, once you are interested in sharing information with other people online, having at least one blogspot blog is something you may need to hold on to.

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